When LEAN Cultures Converge to Achieve Project Success

Jonathan McCredie AIA, along with Rohn MacNulty of Massport and Michael Zeppieri of Skanska, were invited to present at this year’s Lean Construction Institute’s annual Congress in Anaheim,

CA.  Massport’s soon to be completed South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center (SBWTC) was used as a case study to discuss lessons learned and best practices derived from the practical application of the Lean project delivery process. Concepts such as Conditions of Satisfaction, Choosing By Advantage, Target Value Design, Pull Planning, and Big Room implementation where demonstrated.

Central to the discussion was how the Lean process helped unite the team’s focus toward achieving the common goals of schedule, budget, quality, and stakeholder engagement. Throughout design and construction the team was able to refine the use of these tools to meet the specific resource needs and challenges for the project.