Elevator as Wayfinding – Looking Bright

The new passenger elevator at Bradley International Airport is open!  The elevator is part of terminal-wide upgrades to enhance the passenger experience and improve wayfinding.

The elevator hoistway features an interactive lighting system that the airport can adjust to coordinate with their brand colors, or to tie in holidays and Airport events.  We utilized a translucent resin enclosure to create a diffused glow, while still highlighting the structure and movement of the elevator within the hoistway.  The elevator itself is sized to comfortably accommodate large groups with luggage and represents an upgrade in terms of speed and accessibility.  The hoistway also creates a visual connection between the two levels, sliding past the floor which is pulled back from the elevator on all sides.

The design of the elevator and new information center were developed to support airport branding, as well as to create a welcoming and functional amenity for travelers.  Both elements now act as distinct wayfinding landmarks at the center of the Terminal.