MBTA South Coast Rail Extension
Station Designs

The South Coast Rail (SCR) project is a once in a generation opportunity to approach station area development – site, platform, landscape, parking, and community connectivity – in a holistic manner. SCR will restore 52 miles of commuter rail service between Boston and the South Coast Region; build 10 new stations; reconstruct two existing stations; and provide crew buildings at two layover facilitates. When complete, SCR will provide access to jobs in Boston and is anticipated to have catalyzed economic development that attracts new businesses and investments to this long under-served region of Massachusetts.

The commuter rail stations will both contribute to the context of the neighborhood and community it is part of and promote the identity of the MBTA commuter rail system. Key concepts toward this objective are stations that: provide universal accessibility; are forward-thinking in terms of sustainability and resiliency; and seek to achieve maximum efficiency while being durable with low maintenance requirements.